Monday, March 21, 2011

X96 Morning Show and our Farm!

So these guys came out to our farm on Sunday with their staff and camera crew. They have radio talk show in Pennsylvania and wanted to try milking a pig. First they came to our farm and shot a lot of footage of our farm and pigs and interviewed Christian. They couldn't believe how beautiful it is. We just had a pig farrow last week, that we were planning to milk, but it died giving birth, so we did not have a pig to milk. Our friend,Brooke, graciously let us try milking one of her pigs. They were pretty entertaining. This morning they were on X96 and were talking about their experience and our farm. Christian posted the links and story on our Farm Blog. Check it out here:
One thing that we thought was so funny was that they asked for a ride in the back of our truck. It is illegal in Pennsylvania and they have never had that experience. So we let them sit on the tailgate and we drove them around town. They thought Vernon was beautiful and loved being on a farm. We have had a lot of great experiences like this because of our farm.


Curtis said...

Hollie, I just listened to the pod cast and it was awesome! They were very complimentary to you , your family and your farm. Way to go Hog Heaven :)

Brooke Petersen said...

I am glad that the crew could come out to our farm and milk our sows. It was very fun to be a part of. -Brooke Petersen-

Hollie said...

It is always fun to do things like that. Thanks again for letting us come down!