Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Back!

Alright all of you who are sick and tired of seeing my old posts. I am back. I have been soooo busy. Girls Camp is Next week and I think I am finally ready to Rock and Roll. I am the Girls Camp Director, it is on a ward level and has been so much work.... After June 19th I will have alot more time to mess around on the computer.

Here is a little bit of what We have been doing in the Meantime. Enjoy!

Heidi's Austin Powers Party

Heidi, Drake, and I at Lily's Blessing... Kent is Austin Powers

My Hubby and I...

It has been over 8 years since Christian and I met and fell in love. It has all been wonderful and it continues to get better everyday.

What a Handsome Little Guy

What happens when Mom Falls Asleep on the Job

My Boys are capable of Anything

Hans and Dane love to help me make Cinnamon Rolls. I turned my back to get a pan and when I turned around this is how I found the entire roll.

Our Fish

After Being Saved twice already from Jumping in.... Hans is now ready to go Swimming.

The Three Amigos

Bracken and Breezy came out to our house when Sheryl and Todd went to Mexico

Summer is Finally Here!