Monday, August 29, 2011

Snake, Rattle, and Heads will Roll!

(Notice the snake on Dane's Head)

(These are Garter Snakes)

A few weeks ago Christian and the boys were outside in front of our house. They saw a snake on our driveway and Dane reached down and grabbed it by the tail. It started hissing so Christian told him to let it go. Then the snake coiled up and started shaking it's tail. That is when we noticed that it was a baby RATTLE SNAKE!!! So Christian whipped out his I-Phone and looked up baby Rattlesnakes, only to discover that they are MORE DANGEROUS than adult ones. The snake then started slithering into the tire on our Van and up into the frame. We poked around and looked everywhere trying to get the snake out. After about 20 minutes we couldn't find it and we had to leave to go into town to pick up some supplies with our truck. Of course I kept worrying that there would be a RATTLESNAKE where my kids often play. When we got home about 2 hours later we drove the van around Vernon running some errands and out to our Hen House a couple times back and fourth. At about 7:00 that night we had just finished working for the day and I was driving the van from our Hen House into the driveway. I was backing up to unload tools and when I went over the cement onto our driveway. Something told me that the snake just fell out of the van. So I stopped and opened my door and sure enough that Rattlesnake was right THERE where I would have stepped. It slithered away and I yelled for Christian to come and help me. After a bit of a chase he finally killed it and we were so relieved to be done with that snake. You just never know what you might find living out in the country!

The Big Summer Project

This Summer has been filled with a lot of fun and work. Christian and I always say that we work hard so we can play hard. The big project this summer has been our new Hen House. It can house 500+ chickens. The chickens are almost ready and we will be selling their eggs to Copper Onion restaurant in Salt Lake. Christian's brothers and dad have come out to help us too! It has taken up much of our extra time and we are so close and excited to have it completed.

Picking Apricots on Grandpa's Farm

The kids and I went to my parent's house and picked Apricots to make jam. The boys loved climbing up the trees and reaching all of the apricots that I couldn't reach. Shia picked anything that looked yummy and ended up eating a few green apples. The next day the kids helped my make some yummy Apricot Jam!

Summer Swimming Lessons

The kids had a blast at swimming lessons this year. Hans learned how to swim so well that on the last day he was jumping off the diving boards and swimming to the side. Shia and I did the "Mommy and Me" class. She loves the water and isn't afraid of anything. Dane learned a lot of new floats and is excited to move on to the next level!