Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enjoying The Harvest!

I love summer and I love gardening. Pulling weeds in the cool summer morning, smelling the different plants growing, anticipating the ripening of a tomato. There is something that is so rewarding about growing your own food. My parents always had a passion for gardening and always grew a lot of their own vegetables and fruit. From the grape orchard to the apple, cherry, peach, and apricot trees. To their huge vegetable garden that we took care of all summer. As a child I always loved picking things out of the garden for dinner that night. Now that I have my own family and garden even the work is rewarding, especially when my boys tell me that they love pulling weeds with me. Shia has found that she loves peas and tomatoes and can't get enough of them. I tease my kids that they are my raccoons, because they will sneak into the garden and eat the ripest tomato. Every night Christian and I have a garden date and look at all the plants and pick the vegetables that are ready.

Summer Vacation

A couple weeks ago we went to Hurricane with all of Christian's Family and had a little family vacation. We went shopping at the outlets, went hiking, rock climbing, fishing, and of course wave running. We had so much fun! Wave running was probably the highlight of our trip. We went to Sand Hallow reservoir, which has beautiful red sandy beaches. The kids spent the day making sand castles, playing on the beach, and riding on the wave runners. We spent the day tubing, and wake-boarding. We had so much fun that I forgot to take more pictures. Here are some that we took!