Monday, April 21, 2008

The Best Little Pony

We have been letting little Rocky out of the pasture and he just walks around the back of our yard and eats. Hans and Dane ride around on his back, it has been so fun.

Fence Monkeys

Hans and Dane are always climbing the fences

Family Fishing Day

Here are Hans and Dane we went fishing out to Vernon Reservoir, which is only about 10 min. drive from our house, isn't it so pretty!

Christian's Big Catch

This tumble weed and my crawdads are all we caught. We will just have to go again!

Me catching Crawdads

Friday, April 11, 2008

Motocross Mama visits 3 boys and a Farm

Christian and Todd are overseeing the pony rides.

My Sunshine

I was passing by the bathroom and found Hans like this. He is such a goof. I just love him. I call him my little Sunshine, because he is almost always happy and making me laugh.

Double Comfort

Dane put his Spiderman Chair in the recliner last night and fell asleep. I just thought this was so cute.

Here it is.

Ok, Sisters! Some of you have been asking to see our new cabinet, so here it is!