Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Way My Hubby Does Fencing

A Country Wifes Way of Fencing

Yesterday I went to feed the pigs and saw that our Boar knocked down the fence in between the two pens. I didn't want Christian to have to worry about it when he got home, So I poured them some grain to keep them busy and nailed away at the fence. I know this is a bit overboard...but I had some motivation.

My Motivation....

This is Dozer he is our 750 lb. Boar. I am scared to death of him. This is the reason I fixed the fence the way I did.

My Little Pig Farmers

I had Hans and Dane help me feed the pigs this morning and I let them get in with the little ones. They loved it. Hans asked me if being a pig farmer meant that you fed them and petted them. I said yes. After that he kept saying that he loves being a pig farmer.

Our Afternoons

Yeah! The snow is back. My kids love to go to the park and tube down the hill. This kept us very busy last year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our New Pet... Ok not really

This Praying Mantis was out to get us one day. I was watering the horses when Hans yelled Mom there is a huge bug on Dane. I looked and sure enough there was this Praying Mantis on Dane's Back. Of course Dane started screaming, crying, and running around in circles, but I was on the other side of the fence and couldn't help him. Finally he got it off. Dane was hysterical. I had to run around the fence and calm him down. I explained to Hans and Dane that it was just a bug and that they didn't have to be scared of him. Then we went back into the house. About 10 min. later I was making lunch and had my back turned to Hans. Hans yelled, "Mom the Praying Mantis is on your back." Of course I started yelling and jumping around trying to get him off. After a long battle he fell to the ground and I was victorious. Then Hans reminded me that he was just a bug and that I shouldn't be so scared. It seems like I have to eat my own words alot with a 4 year old.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Photographers

One day I was out moving pipe for a neighbor and I left my boys in the car. They got my camera out of my purse and took about 30 pictures of each other. Here are a few.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Runaway Kitten

I just can't figure out why our kitten ran away? (Are you feeling my sarcasm). We did find him a few days ago and he has adopted a new family. We miss you Oreo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Child's Prayer

I asked Dane to say the blessing on the food for lunch today and he prayed that our baby could come out. Hans and him are both so excited for our new baby.

A Nutty Morning!

I woke up this morning to the sound of a crack followed by a chomping and then Hans saying mmmmm! This continued to go on for a few minutes then Hans ran into my room and said, "look Mom, I found a puzzle nut." I asked him what he was up to and he told me he was cracking nuts for breakfast.