Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Christian!

Yesterday was Christian's Birthday! We invited Christian's sister Amee and her family over for dinner and cake. (They are our Vernon Buddies) We get together with them a few times a week. Christian is not a big cake fan so I made him Strawberry Shortcake with my homemade Angel food cake and strawberry sauce.
Christian is such a wonderful husband and is the most perfect dad! Here are some things that I love about him:
He is always positive and has taught me to be also.
He is so patient with the kids and especially me.
He is the hardest working guy I know.
He is always in a good mood, unless the shear pin breaks on the tractor three times in a row.
He makes me laugh!
Everything we have...we have done together.
We make a great team!
We have a wonderful marriage. Thank you for all you do.

More Winter Pictures!

Winter at the farm!

I have been looking forward to this winter season for a while now. Although there are still many chores to do... Life just seems to slow down during the winter. Christian and I have been working together on the weekends getting pens set up for new pigs. This week we received 25 new chicks that will be our new laying hens. Right now we have 37 chickens, 5 turkeys, around 100 pigs and some cows here and there. We received the Gurney's Catalog and many other seed catalogs that the we all have looked at together and everyone is putting in their vote for what to plant in the garden!