Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spending Time at Grandpa's Farm

Along with all of our own farm work we have been helping my Dad pick his apples. This is something that I secretly look forward to every year. Growing up on an apple farm is not very much fun for a teenage girl. But now I love to take my family there and pick apples with my siblings and their families. My Dad also raises Pumpkins and Pine trees. Christian and I have our own little Apple/Pumpkin/Pine Tree store in front of our house to help out. All of the grand kids get to pick there own pumpkins for Halloween and we all enjoy eating apples right off the tree. They are the crispest, freshest apples you can get. Yum!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Pretty Please Princess Mommy"

Amee, Leeanne, and I decided to take all of our kids to Toys "R" Us for the day to look around and get some ideas for Christmas. We all said, "What were we thinking taking 9 kids into a toy store." They all wanted everything. Dane found the Indiana Jones Legos and carried a box of each around the store. I tried to tell him that he could get some for his Birthday, but he wouldn't put them down. He was so sweet and kept asking. Then he started saying, "Pretty Please Princess Mommy," and that was the clincher, so of course I just had to get them for him.

We have been trying to squeeze in fishing at the reservoir before it gets too cold. We took the kids up and went camping in our new camper last weekend. It was very cold, but we all had a great time. Thanks to our Mr. Heater we slept toasty warm.

Preparing for Winter

Getting a farm tucked in for Winter is no easy task. Christian and I have been busy planting the field, completing electrical for watering Chickens and Pigs, ordering and stacking hay into the shelter, cleaning up and organizing the yard etc. etc. Here are 12 tons of hay that we ordered to hold us over for the winter. In the process of stacking it the whole stack fell over. Christian and a few wonderful neighbors stacked it all into the shelter and it is now covered. Today we should finish up the last of our preparations and we can kick up our feet and wait for the snow to fall.

Little Brother Hugs and Kisses

Hans has been loving school. He feels so big riding his bike to our little elementary. Dane has to give him a big hug and kiss every morning before he leaves. I think it is so cute. Then Dane repeatedly yells, "Bye Hans, I'll miss you." out the window until Hans is out of sight.