Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shia's Adventures

Shia has so much energy and she loves to be outside. When I am not paying attention to her she will sneak outside and head straight for the garden. We have found her several times eating tomatoes or peas. She begs for peas and even asked Christian to pick some for her for breakfast one morning! All of the kids have had so much fun with our kittens. When Christian and I are out doing chores, Shia will be on our back patio holding the kittens. Yesterday she dropped one into Bear's (our dog) water bucket. Hans and Dane were quick to rescue it and then they snuggled it in a towel until it was dry.

First Day of School!

Hans and Dane were so excited for their first day of school. Hans has 7 kids in his grade and Dane has 6, including them! Christian was home and they all rode their bikes to school. Dane loves Kindergarten and he plays with Hans at recess.