Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Update!

Well we have been really busy. I know whats new... but really we have been swamped. In case you didn't know we are expanding our farm. Last month we bought 20 Acres and we are moving everything over and building a new house, Yeah! This past week we have been getting the poles set for our barn. When I say we, I mean Christian and his brother Niels. They have been working really hard and the kids and I have been the camera/drink crew! We are hoping to have the barn finished in a week or two and start on the house after that. We will also try to have all 20 acres completely fenced in the next couple of weeks. We also have water lines to run from our well that we just drilled and then we will move over the animals (60+ pigs, 100 turkeys, and 1300) Chickens. I am not looking forward to the Chicken part. Have you ever tried to herd Chickens? Not the easiest thing. Actually it is near impossible, but we will manage. Well here are some fun pictures of our new land and us setting it up and the kids playing around. Notice how beautiful the views are...It is our favorite part! Enjoy!